Class Descriptions

JMD offers many various styles and levels to fit every dancers needs.  We are excited to be bringing New York City training to the next generation of dancers here in Carroll County.


Creative Movement

Creative Movement provides an immersive learning environment where children can start to explore movement through dance, songs, games, and props.  Dancers will learn basic ballet positions and age appropriate stretching while enjoying socialization, movement, and creativity.


Pre - Ballet

Pre - Ballet will prepare young dancers for the future of their dance career.  They will learn basic ballet positions and steps as well as stretching and strengthening.  Jumps and slightly more coordinated steps will be taught so that they are prepared to take on a full ballet class in the coming years.

Tap Jazz Combo

Tap Jazz Combo is an introductory class to these fun and exciting dance styles.  This class will be split evenly on time to focus on basic jazz and tap principles and introduce dancers to new types of dance shoes. They will learn how to integrate their ballet technique into new styles and explore new types of movement.


Theatre Dance

This class will bring iconic Broadway choreography and style to the dancers.  Dancers will learn styles such as Fosse, Jerome Robbins, and many more.  They will also focus on stage presence and performance in this class which is a skill that can be carried into all styles of dance.



In Jazz students will learn both classic Jazz style and technique as well as be exposed to the new world of Commercial Jazz including newer styles from both LA and New York. This will prepare students for the dance and performance work that is in the field right now.



Ballet is the foundation of all dance.  The technique learned in this class can and will be carried into all other styles the dancers take on.  It is important to the success of all dancers to enroll in this class and take it seriously to improve as a dancer overall.



Pointe is an advanced style of dance and is an extension of Ballet training.  Dancers hoping to take this class will be required to take at least TWO ballet classes a week and will need to be evaluated before registration for the class will be approved.



Students will study both Broadway style tap as well as rhythm tap in these classes.  Tap is a style of dance in which the dancer adds an instrument to the music with their feet.  Students will work on musicality and counting in this class that will help them in all of their training. 


hip hop

Hip Hop is a fun and up beat style.  In this class students will focus on isolations and dynamics and learn many different styles of hip hop from the basics to new and exciting steps always being created in this ever evolving style of dance.


Jumps, Leaps, & Turns

Jumps, Leaps, and Turns is a technique class in which students will work on specific skills they need for their other classes.  This class will not have a recital dance so that students can focus solely on their technique the entire year.  This class will help prepare students to be on JMD Company as well as help them succeed in their recital classes.




Lyrical and Contemporary are newer styles to the dance world and have become increasingly popular because of shows like So You Think You Can Dance.  These styles are a combination of Ballet and Jazz and often access more emotional topics and tell a deep story.  These styles are also incredibly athletic and involve more floor work.